Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back Burner traffic

Back Burner traffic
(increase your traffic very ezzy )

Back Burner Traffic

Hi there! I hope this Ebook finds you doing well and your ebiz
prospering! I’m not going to beat around the bush. I realized this Ebook
was necessary after my membership site (where I sell the resell rights to
my original Eproducts to include Ebooks like this one) took off like a
There are ebooks everywhere written about getting web traffic
but a lot of them are so long and tedious that they don’t get read! My
goal was to create the exact opposite. Additionally, there are resell products aplenty but no
real guide to bringing in the traffic to one’s site to sell them; That’s where this Ebook steps
This Ebook’s focus is on a common quandary; you find posts about it in forums all
the time! Take this all-too-common scenario: An online biz owner (some call themselves
‘newbies’) comes upon a ton of Eproducts with resell rights and they’re eager to start
selling. Upon trying their hand at Ebay, they find that digital products with resell rights are
grossly over-circulated and under-valued. Gone is the adrenaline and promise that this
newbie had first experienced. The cold hard truth sets in. They’re going to need to market
their resellables somewhere other than Ebay... in other words, on their own web site.
(Note: While some folks bring in their income entirely from Ebay, I don’t recommend it.
That’s like putting all of your eggs in one basket!)
So, knowing that they need to setup a website, they do. Oftentimes, that first site
attempt takes at least a week and the results are terrible! Hey, I’ll admit it. You could’ve
blackmailed me with my first ten attempts. I had no idea what I was doing! But alas, that’s
a different story in itself!
Now how does creating a website tie in with pulling in traffic? Well, a lot of
newbies think that if they build a site, that people will just automatically know to come
and will herd to the site in droves!
This is simply not the case!
Now, don’t let that discourage you! I, like everyone else, faced the same problem!
And with very little work and without realizing it, my site found its way onto the search
engines and my traffic has grown almost 30x in the past month alone!
To be honest with you, I’ve been way too busy working on new Eproducts and a
variety of different projects to even concentrate on trying to drive traffic to my site, but

nonetheless, a few different things helped bring the traffic in nonetheless! I’ll share these
simple tasks with you so you can start attracting traffic to your site!
Don’t stop reading here. Do yourself a big favor and read this Ebook, word for
word, all the way through. As mentioned before, I’ve purposely kept this short and simple
to impart the knowledge you need while not consuming your precious time! Enjoy!

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